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OlaVM: An Ethereum compatible ZKVM

Zero Knowledge made lightning fast Whitepaper
Compatibility (Solidity)
Smooth migration
ZK Friendly (Opcodes, Memory...)
Minimal trace & succinct constraints
ZK Hardware Friendly (ZK without FFT)
Fastest ZK prove

About Us

Sin7Y is a project incubator and a blockchain research team that explores the most important and cutting-edge solutions, including EVM, Layer2, cross-chain, privacy computing, autonomous payment solutions and many more.

Mastered the architecture and overall design principles of ZKVM and have contributed to the Ethereum Foundation's ZKVM development; Accomplished the fundamentals and applications of mainstream ZK algorithms, such as Plonk, Halo2, Marlin, Customized Gate and Lookup Argument; Aim to implement an innovative design of ZKVM and contribute to the development of 'ZK proofs' technology.

Our Team

13 Full Time Employees

BQMath Expert

BQ holds a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics at Peking University with a solid mathematical foundation. BQ has 5 years’ experience in blockchain.

XBZKP Researcher

XB previously worked for Huawei and later joined the blockchain industry, focusing on the research and application of the zk algorithm, with 4 years of relevant experience.

WlsFPGA Expert

Wls received his doctoral degree at Harbin Institute of Technology and has 11 years’ experience in FPGA.

PanosR&D in Blockchain & ZKP

Panos previously worked at Alibaba and has 4 years’ experience in blockchain, with a deep understanding of virtual machines.

PierreR&D in Blockchain & ZKP

Pierre graduated from Xi'an Jiaotong University with a Master's Degree in Engineering. Previously a senior developer at Huawei, Pierre has 14 years’ R&D experience and is skilled at public blockchain and zk service development.

SoftcloudR&D in Blockchain & ZKP

Softcloud holds a Master's Degree in Engineering at Tsinghua University and has 2 years’ experience in blockchain.

SpartucusR&D in Blockchain & ZKP

Spartucus has 5 years’ experience in blockchain and 10 years’ experience in R&D, focusing on zk development. He is one of the contributors to the zkEVM open source library of AppliedZKP (now PSE).

AntonioR&D in Blockchain & ZKP

M.Sc Computer Science specializing in security, cryptography, and blockchain from Lund University, Faculty of Engineering. Previous experience from Consensys Venture Fund as Technical Analyst and CSO, in charge of VC for the Qtum Foundation. CSO and in charge of business deals and raising capital for Ola VM.

PhilipR&D in Blockchain & ZKP

Graduate of Lund University, where he earned a BSC in Information Systems, majoring in Information Systems and Computer Science. Previous experience from Qtum as a BD/VC Manager and Accenture Blockchain & Multiparty Systems division, focusing on Digital Assets, Custody and Central Bank Digital Currencies as a solution architect.


Alex has 7 years’ experience in blockchain and specializes in blockchain ecosystem applications.


With 5 years’ experience in blockchain, Henry focuses on the underlying layer of public blockchain and blockchain ecosystem applications.


Jerry has been active on blockchain since 2017, focusing on the underlying layer of public blockchain and blockchain ecosystem applications.


Qiyu is a Peking University graduate with 11 years’ work experience in the blockchain industry.

Current Progress

We have finished the Whitepaper, including the high level architecture of the OlaVM. The modules design details, and the key technologies used by OlaVM. Based on our detailed designs, we will be able to implement it in a shorter timespan.
FPGA for MSM (ongoing)
We have finished the simulation work for accelerating the MSM by FPGA in MATLAB, and now we are implementing the FPGA–versioned MSM. It might take another month to Finish. You will find more information in the Whitepaper.


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